Take "Mind Of Mencia" off the air!!!

"Carlos Mencia" is a hack and doesn't deserve the massive amount of funding he gets, nor does he deserve a prime time slot on comedy central. Lets get 1,000,000 signatures on this petition so I can send it to comedy central to show them how many people really like his show. What's that You say you like his show Well create a petition for people to sign that like him and lets see who gets more signatures.


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    Elizabeth Sherwood Watson, United States

    7 years ago
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    Evan Reser, United States

    7 years ago
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    AJ Steinle, United States

    7 years ago Comments: Mencia is a douche. Yeah, I know Comedy Central needed a minority based show to replace Chappelle, but the drop in quality is so vast that only idiots are entertained by this shit. Seriously, I stopped watching Comedy Central in fear of seeing a German use racial slurs that do not neccesarily describe himself. Whats next, I white guy named Juwan Johnson in blackface, who's entire comedy routine consists of saying nigger every five minutes I thought you guys at Comedy Central were a part of a new progressive thinking society, however, people like Ned.. er, Carlos drive these new ideals back to the stone age. Get a grip on reality, CC, you are alienating alot of intelligent viewers. But if you want to make money, I guess you have to pander to the idiots most willing to spend it when they can't afford it, right
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