NCSG Mobilization

A petition to re-mobilize the North Carolina State Militia,
and to rename said militia to the
"North Carolina State Defense Force"

We the undersigned request the re-establishment of the North Carolina State Militia in accordance with the provisions of North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 127A and Federal Law as found in USC 32, s. 109. We also request that the reformed North Carolina State Militia be renamed to avoid possible misunderstanding.

We do so for the following reasons:

Between New England and Georgia, North Carolina is the ONLY state without an organized state defense force.

North Carolina is extremely vulnerable to hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Recent natural disasters have demonstrated the need for a rapid reaction force within the state that is trained in emergency / crisis management and is willing to deploy to assist those in need.

Similar to citizens in surrounding states, North Carolinians are willing to train without pay and serve when called upon in a state emergency.

The North Carolina State Guard Association is an unarmed – all-volunteer– service organization dedicated to assisting our fellow citizens during emergency situations or natural disasters. We are registered with North Carolina and the Federal Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization. No salaries are paid to leaders or members of the NC State Guard. Members purchase their own uniforms and equipment. All donated monies are used for the purchase of unit equipment or training.

We take a solemn oath to support our National and State elected leadership, defend the US Constitution, and abide by the following regulations:

Title 32 of the United States Code section 109 North Carolina Code section 127A National Guard Bureau Reg 10-4 Standard military practice

We also pledge to serve when called upon by the Governor in the NC State Defense Militia. We do not discriminate as to race, sex, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, or physical disability. All promotions are earned through training and merit and are based on the needs of our organization.

For more information, please visit our Facebook page at:



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