Remove Naack of Power

Naack is corrupt! He abuses power and makes up rules as he goes. Cross him and you will not only be blacklisted from ever running a business or being staff but he will make sure you want to leave Era if he doesn't find a reason to ban you first. He encourages the staff team to overlook certain rules while making new ones to fit his hatred toward certain players. If you've seen for yourself or even experienced his abuse sign this petition. Era has had enough corruption at the hands of former staff teams. Tim Rocks has good ideas and is motivated in bringing Era forward let's not let Naack fk that all up! If Tim Rocks ever decides to step down or God forbid thrown out, Naack will run Era and this can not be allowed to happen. Let's show Tim and the others that we as Graalians are tired of being abused by corrupt players/staff like Naack.

Naack has abused players long enough! Playing favorites and blacklisting others! Have suggestions on a better Co-Owner of Era or just feel like telling your story? Post it in your comments. 
Please use your Graal name if possible unless you fear retribution by Naack himself!



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    Damon Reynolds, United States

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    yjlomow, Russian Federation

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    meatloaf, United States

    3 years ago Comments: hi im meatloaf i own the gun points To be on topic, Naack has corruption running through his veins. He's banned and reset Death_striker for Racism (an offense all admins agree shouldnt even be bannable over), fabricated fake websites and then blamed JKL for it to successfully frame and subsequently global ban him. Furthermore, he has fired any staff member he dislikes (Reese,MD, etc), while simultaneously managing to abuse every single staff power he has (rigging events, abusing the heal power, cheating, etc). He might as well be globally banned himself, for all the harm he's done.
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