Fairness and cosistent tretment from sysop and TDs

Pokah, We the players have noticed A clique and politics that we would like corrected ie john smith says A acronym gets banned for 24 hours joe smo curses using Chit or Dayumm they do not get banned. We also noticed TDs playing in shirt using language that is not in the best intention for Mystic island the faimly freindly place. When this was brought to Sysops with screen shots attached was directed to DebbT the TD administrator she Directs us to you and the Mystic Island Email address. All we are asking is this that the sysop and TD all follow one rule or rules stop the politics so we can go back to the island that we enjoyed and this would have current player become members with no reservation. and the TDs and Sysop reports to you are reviewed ad action taken. Thank you, The Players Of Mystic Island


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    cedar kokus, United States

    7 years ago
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    Jadedrockstar, United States

    7 years ago Comments: This is not fabricated this was givin to me by A player I thought long and hard about posting this but it is what we are trying to have back @ mystic. this is one of the leaders please ask her she will tell you it is her
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    Jadedrockstar, United States

    7 years ago Comments: {To: LdyIce} any chance of getting my Td shirt back {LdyIce} i will have to talk to Chrissy {To: LdyIce} any idea what did that was so wrong cause i really dont know {To: LdyIce} i used 2 do about 20 T's a week {To: LdyIce} till pearlykitten passed away {LdyIce} im trying to look {LdyIce} mostly its because at one point in time you were being rather rude to people {To: LdyIce} as far as i can member i gave the shirt up after Kaye's death {LdyIce} as a reprensentative of island can't have people doing that {To: LdyIce} ive been here a long tiime {LdyIce} i Know that {To: LdyIce} i dunno w/o seeing what rudeness i did {To: LdyIce} i asked debbs she said 2 ask u been so long ago {To: LdyIce} and i know 4 a fact in shirt i was never rude at all {To: LdyIce} iiiii td'ed with pearly and wiscowboy and wilnau {To: LdyIce} and pockins {To: LdyIce} and debbs {LdyIce} doesn't matter whether in a shirt you are a representative of island {To: LdyIce} i know that {LdyIce} i told you I would talk to Chrissy {To: LdyIce} ok {To: LdyIce} ty {LdyIce} yw
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