Bring Muse to Portugal in the Summer of 2007.

Ok, this petition is to TRY to bring Muse to Portugal during the Summer (possibly to some portuguese Rock festival, I don\'t know, that\'s not the point). The thing is, Muse are going to Spain in July to some festival, if I\'m not mistaken.. So, what does it hurt to try to bring them to Portugal After all, it\'s right "next door". There are quite a few (we\'re many *cough* aren\'t we) fans that want this to happen.. if you are one of them, sign this petition.. Maybe we\'ll be lucky. :D *UPDATE* This petition was announced at Sic Radical\'s TV Show \"Curto Circuito\" (because I posted on their forum, lolz) and the forum of Blitz. And a couple of other blogs and etc. I appreciate the advertisement. :) Unfortunatly, I\'m afraid that we\'re not getting enough signatures.. So PLEASE, if you sign this, try to pass on the link. :D Thank you. Oh, and by the way, where it asks \"why are you signing this\" etc etc, please write in English. I understand it, but if we want the guys to come here, we\'ll have to send them this.. it\'d be cool if they could understand, right Thanks. ;P xx


I am sposoring this petition. Lolz.



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    Cat Santos, Portugal

    4 years ago And you're signing this petition BECAUSE...: Muse are my favorite live band, and I really want to see them live this year (I wish it could be on Optimus Alive in 8th july because it's my birthday but Oh well I'll be happy in other day :) and just a final note Portuguese fans deserve a stadium gig, but again I don't want to ask too much. Thank you for taking your time to read this Cheers!
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    nicole, Portugal

    4 years ago And you're signing this petition BECAUSE...: .
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    In, Portugal

    7 years ago And you're signing this petition BECAUSE...: I think MUSE are a huge band, they have wonderful lyrics and their guittar is super!!
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