MSE School Lunches Unhealthy

This is a pettition to get the school of Lanse Cruese Middle School East to change their lunch menu to healthier food. Meaning no red meat, no junk food, no soda, and no fatty, sugary, or foods with high calories. We need food like salads, whole wheat bread, low-carb food, and so on. The food they are serving now is greasy and full of calories. Though some of you may love to eat, the food they serve here is to fatty. You guys may love chips and cookies but you should bring that in your own lunches from home. They should not serve junk food and soda at school. Some students get the full lunch, but all they eat is the fries or junk food. The students that aren\'t allowed to have junk food can just buy it here. They serve Twix bars, gatorade, Arizona Iced Tea, Country Time lemonade, potatoe chips, fries, pizza three times a week, poorly made meat, cookies, etc. If you knew what all that garbage really does to your body you wouldn\'t get it as often as well. Have you noticed that about none of the food served at our school is home-cooked Well its true. Basically all the food they serve at lunch time is bought by bulk. The school is encouraging us to stay healthy yet they serve foods high in fat, sugar, calories, etc. After watching the movie \"Super Size Me\" I learned that healthy lunches cost just the same as the unhealthy food we serve now and are much better for you. By signing this petition you are helping us make to school lunches healthier for us. After signing this petition send it to other people you know that go to our schoolAnd also send it back to, which is me, Jill Job. Thanks for your support!


Jillian Leigh Job



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    mat, United States

    5 years ago Comments: in my schol lunch we found a bug in the jello
    State: New York
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    lola wester, United States

    7 years ago Comments: hi
    State: AL
    Country: DZ
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    Perla Sanchez, United States

    7 years ago Comments: i go to school where all they serve is pizza and the only other option is an iceburg salad. dont get me wrong the pizza is good but its disgusting seeing everyone eat it everyday. it looks like someone soaked each slice of pizza in grease. i never eat it anymore. and since then my face is clearer and im doing a lot better in school by switching to eating a salad everyday. i only wish they had more variety in healthy foods like chicken sandwich or maybe some noodles or something that isnt bad for me
    State: CA
    Country: US
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