Bring back Mister Roger's Neighborhood

Based on child development and early education principles, MISTER ROGERS' NEIGHBORHOOD is a carefully structured program that can help children develop the important skills they need for learning in and out of school. Research confirms that MISTER ROGERS' NEIGHBORHOOD can help children be more able to: * Manage frustration; * Keep on trying; * Pay attention and follow directions; and be more willing to: * Cooperate; * Share; * Get along with others. Deliberately slow-paced, MISTER ROGERS' NEIGHBORHOOD allows children time to reflect on what they see and hear. All of its parts are related â


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    Donnie Herrmann, United States

    2 years ago Comments: Best learning show ever!!!!!
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    John Paulsen, United States

    2 years ago Comments: -
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    Jacob Peretson, United States

    2 years ago Comments: Dear PBS, I am 15 years old and have been a loyal viewer since the day I was born. I grew up on shows such as Mr. Rogers and Reading Rainbow. My siblings are ages 11 and 7 and also grew up on your programming. My classmates, teacher (who is 37 years old) and I all had a class discussion last week about how much we miss watching Mr. Rogers Neighborhood which caused me to check the TV guide to see what time it comes on. I was absolutely shocked to find that it wasn't scheduled for that week. I then went onto the Internet and found out that it hasn't been on daily for several years now. The next day every single person in my class came back in after doing the exact same thing that I had done and were furious. Mr. Rogers truly has shaped our childhood in a way that nobody else could have done so profoundly. I viewed him (and still do as a matter of fact) more as a friend and companion than a television star. I clearly remember crying my eyes for a week after I had found out that he had passed away. Though because both of my siblings and I are above the PBS kids viewing age and now watch Downton Abbey instead (i would like to add that it's my favorite show) I am extremely disappointed and appalled that you decided to pull out programming such as Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood and Reading Rainbow from your daily lineup. I understand the need to keep your programming young and fresh, those two classic shows are absolutely indispensable parts of an entire generation's childhood and its a horrible sign of the times that it was decided that they needed to be replaced. I have watched your animated update of MRN and though I did think it kept very true to the original, it is absolutely impossible to replace the kindness, compassion, and pure joy that Mr. Rogers himself brought into so many people's lives. I truly hope that you decide to put these two shows back into your daily programming so that today's kids can get to view that little glimpse of real tv, without the need for turning their attention to their mother's iPhones or iPads every 30 seconds. Thank you for your time and I truly hope you find it in your heart to give the young children of today the same wonderful programming that me and so many others in the past have had. They are more than just shows, they are valuable and indispensable life lessons.
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