Reduce the damage of the MP40 in Cod:waw

This petition is directed at Treyarch, the developer of Call of Duty: World at War (Cod:waw). The purpose: To reduce the damage of the MP40 on console game systems. A target goal of 40HP would be great, but a compromise of 42-46 would be acceptable, as this would eliminate 2-shot kills. Goal: To reduce the damage of the MP40 by the release of MP3 (Map Pack 3), due out this August, 2009. Why: All SMGs in Cod:waw do a base damage of 40 hitpoints (HP), with the exception of the PPSh-41(source: ). For some reason the MP40 does a base damage of 50 on the Xbox360(source: ). To give an example: A player has 100 hitpoints of heath in cod:waw's core game modes. Without taking into effect damage multipliers or distance, basic math tells us that a player can be killed in two shots from the MP40 (50x2=100), as opposed to three bullets from the other SMGs (two shots:40x2=80, or 3 shots:40x3=120). Treyarch has listened to the cod:waw community voicing their opinion in the past, and has made changes. Here are two of the largest changes: 1) Treyarch removes tanks from hardcore playlists: . To quote from that thread:"Today we have released a hotfix for this problem, and included in it some other changes by popular demand." 2) Treyarch responds to the communities displeasure with players spawn-killing at the beginning of certain matches with Rifle Grenades: . To quote from that thread: "All rifle grenades fired during the first 15 seconds of Search & Destroy will be duds to prevent griefing in that game mode." As you can see from those threads, there are actually many more changes that have been made by large community demand. Another experiment: I took the terms "mp40", "tank", "thompson"(thompson being another sub-machine gun, as a control) and a couple others to search cod:waw's forums and see how many threads have been created with that word in the topic's title. Here are my search results: Tank - 542 matches Thompson - 128 matches Rifle Nade - 4 matches Rifle Grenade - 60 matches (a variation of the above) Noob Tube - 62 matches (again, a common rifle grenade nickname) How many topics do you think have been created with the word "MP40" in the title As of this petition's creation, a whopping 966 times. This doesn't count duplicate complaint threads that have been deleted by cod:waw's forum moderators. You would think with all the uproar over the MP40 that something would be done, or it would be addressed by Treyarch. Instead it is always dismissed as not even being an option. The MP40 is ruining core mode gameplay. Everyone seems to know the MP40 is more powerful, and a large portion of players almost exclusively use this gun. You need not look any further than the Xbox360 or PS3 leaderboards, which can be found here: I invite you to look at the top players who have their stats linked to their account (a sideways '8' looking icon). Almost ALL have the MP40 as their top weapon, with thousands, sometimes tens of thousands more kills than their second most used weapon. What does this say Players are using the gun for its known advantage, and no other weapons. Please, Treyarch, you have fixed community problems before, why not fix the MP40 Contact: XBL Gamertag: IcedEarth213 Email:


This petition is sponsored by cod:waw players worldwide.


A cod:waw fan's view on the MP40: Video made by: tactical dump


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    Bob, United States

    6 years ago Comments: TREYARCH YOU SUCK AT BALANCING.
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    John Lawlor, United States

    6 years ago Comments: Great game! I was all halo until this game came out. The MP40 and the swearing after the match, "out f***ing standing," are the only bad things about this game. I would love for them to be changed if possible. Thanks for a great game!
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    Dom P., United States

    6 years ago Comments: This is not only a serious problem but is also completely unrealistic. It does not make sense that the mp40 which fires a 9x19 parabellum round should be more powerful than the .45 APC of the Thompson. The 9x19 parabellum is one of the smallest pistol rounds you can get and therefore should not be more powerful.
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