Motorcoach Enhanced Safety Act of 2007

This petition is to inform the United States Senate to help pass the Motorcoach Enhanced Safety Act of 2007 that was introduced into the Senate by Senator Brown and Senator Hutchinson. Please visit for more details on the act and take an active stance to help pass this act by contacting your US Senator.


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    Julie Harmon, United States

    3 years ago Comments: Standard safety equipment has been required for private vehicles since 1967,all vehicles including commercial, have standard safety equipment even including motorcoaches/school buses...for the driver! not passengers! Ohio wants to pass an increase for speed limits on highways to expedite deliveries, etc. I understand this could be efficient, however, only if ALL vehicles on the road are equipped with safety equip. even if it is only standard devices. You must go through classroom/driving instruction for any vehicle you drive except motorcoach. Do you really want to trust your safety to someone who walks into the DMV and only has to take a written test, drive the bus around an owners lot & maybe a few streets before driving you/your loved ones on a trip? Those who have been affected will tell you that an accident occurs when you do whatever you can to prevent it; a tragedy occurs when one or more are negligent. Passengers on coaches are more than statistics;they are people we all love. There are a group of us who have made numerous phone calls;written letters;emailed our senators/reps in DC on a weekly basis for 5 yrs. besides all those before that, we are STILL waiting. These coaches are built equipped with the safety equip. but the US doesn't require it so owners are able to purchase at a lower price with the equip. removed...TRAGIC!!! In honor of Scotty G!
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    mary harmon, United States

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    kim crates, United States

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