Illegal porn

this site is a repeated offender and still has not been shut down, why might you ask ? many of these illegal upload sites base there DNS in places like russia, where basically coruption is as normal as taking a leek.
They can still be shut down though when enough people get together and battle against them.
Working with legit companies watching all your hard work go to free places is mind blowing and also 1 of the most piss off things I have see, these uploaders are the scum of the earth and all need to be stopped, some are coming down already thankfuly working on this is begining to pay off.
Large companies that produce music and movies and programs need to combat these people in the school of hard knocks.


  • akabir i reported this countless times in vein

  • Anonymous accidently visited it through another site and was genuinely horrified and sicken by what I had came across, shut the fucker down!

  • Anonymous Have seen countless CP on this website, this past time is the last straw for me, absolutely disgusting.


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    2 months ago Comments: i reported this countless times in vein
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    Tom, United States

    1 year ago Comments: Report!
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    Ryan, United States

    1 year ago Comments: Cant beleive its not shut down yet. keep reporting!!!!!
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