Neighbours: More Of The Older Characters, Please!

Dear Neighbours Producers, Network TEN and Channel Five, I know how Neighbours in the process of turning back to its well known family-orientated roots, but we (the viewers of Neighbours) deeply feel its time the show concentrated on and introduced strong older characters, as well as focusing less on the younger characters on the show. Many viewers favourite Neighbours characters have always been the older ones or the characters that aren\'t just eye candy, favourites such as the likes of Susan and Karl Kennedy, Harold and Lou and Valda and Paul Robinson. We understand how important it is to attract younger audience commercially, but now we deeply feel the show is neglecting and alienating the long term, and now older viewers, some have which switched off. We feel that the show should invest more energy into well-established actors rather than the influx of younger ex-models and reality TV stars with no acting experience etc. Many viewers have fond memories of and love the older characters on the show, its characters such as Madge Bishop, Helen Daniels, Dorothy Burke and Mrs Mangel that have made what Neighbours what is today. According to the former Neighbours script producer, Barbara Angell: \"The weakness of Neighbours now lies in its failure to appeal to a wide enough audience. It aims too narrowly at the teeny bopper market. If it would widen its horizons, a much broader range of stories could once again be tackled\", So, We wish that you (The Producers of Neighbours) would introduce and invest in characters in Harold Bishop and Lou Carpenter




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    David Trotter, United Kingdom

    7 years ago Comments: Speaking for British viewers of the show the hardcore fans of Neighbours are of student age and as you will see from fansites etc the type of characters that the majority of people enjoy the most are the older characters. Having some young cast is important for catching the shortime viewer but to sustain a loyal audience you need to have older, more experienced cast to bring more to te show than looks. I understand that in the race for ratings getting young pretty people with commercial appeal is important but you are starting to rely far too much on this now. We want more Harolds, more Susan and Karls, more Valdas. They are the type of characters that make Neighbours complusive viewing. We brits don't care about young pretty people!
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    Cathy, United Kingdom

    7 years ago
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    Madge Green, United Kingdom

    7 years ago
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