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More Minigames in Dragonvale

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When you're waiting for an egg/dragon to incubate/breed you can't really do much. Most people race dragons at the racetrack, which is fun, but in dragonvale, do we really have many options for actual minigames? I think there should be more. Now the possibilites for minigames are endless, you can really make a DV minigame for whatever you want. Perhaps you could make the events at the colosseum a minigame rather than waiting for it to be over, and maybe even the quests at the Perch of Kairos, where you must have a dragon search a piece out. Once 120 signatures are achieved, this will be sent to DV via facebook, or whatever they check to let them know what we the users think! Thank you!

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  • 3 years ago
    Tom Hank United States
    3 years ago
  • 3 years ago
    Bre United States
    3 years ago