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UPDATE: The University has contacted the MSA today to let us know that the Racecourse will honour blue and red parking permits from all campuses and staff ID cards, and will thus not charge students with these permits. Thank you to all who signed this petition, you have helped get this result, a global email should be sent out soon. Its not complete free parking but at least it allows those that have paid for their parking already this year to not be charged further. Its not ideal, but its a compromise that means a real win for students. The result of a collaborative effort of Monash Student Unions, MSA, Monsu Caulfield, MUBS and MPSA. ----------- This year exam parking is going to cost $6 every time you sit an exam at Caulfield race course, do you think this is fair Sign this petition to stop the university and the Caulfield racecourse charging for students to park at exams. We have bought our parking permits for the academic year, Monash should honour those permits at the racecourse, if Monash chooses to hold Berwick and Clayton exams at Caulfield they need to provide free parking options. The University needs to either: 1) allow all students to park for free. 2) at least allow blue parking permits to park for free. 3) if thats not possible open up the caulfield multiplex for free for the exam period. The MSA has offered all this options to the university, they have refused to consider any of these. For more information Clayton students contact the MSA: Caulfield students contact MONSU Caulfield: Berwick students contact MUBS: Parkville students contact MPSA: Stephanie Chau-


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    Madeleine, Australia

    5 years ago Comments: i have a blue permit with Berwick. And on the day of my first deferred paper, i have parked at MRC Guineas Car Park Blue Permit Parking area and i received an parking infringement. So I called up the hotline and mentioned that i have Berwick blue parking and i have park where, and the operator has advised that i don't have to worry, it must has been an error and told me to appeal it. End of the day, after appealing, the answer i got was, the area is only for CAULFIELD blue parking permit and they can't help me. I have been misled by the sign " Turn left for blue permit" and even by operator and i have to bear their consequences. Is there anyone who can advise me what to do at this stage?
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    hwnopx, Latvia

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    nhqawgyjju, Australia

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