We the members of MAMA representing the majority of the Models-Agents-Managers within the International modeling industry community respectfully ask the Chinese government and its cultural representatives to meet with MAMA representatives in order to better understand and regulate the working conditions and visa requirements for models working in China.

Our community respects the laws of the People’s Republic of China and as a Worldwide Association we believe that working more closely with the Chinese authorities and under the strict monitoring of Chinese Government officials, will benefit the fashion industry as a whole.In particular for the models, who are the faces that promote and sell the major fashion brands, many of which are manufactured and marketed from within the People’s Republic of China to the World.

In recent days many of our models, from many different nationalities, have been detained and jailed. These are young boys and girls who grace the covers of Worldwide magazines, the billboards of famous brands, the faces of television commercials and represent the dreams of young people worldwide who hope to become an International model.

This situation is a serious blow to the reputation of the International modeling community and to the whole Chinese fashion market.It is a traumatic blow to the concerned family and friends in many countries who have spent days worried about their loved ones.

Our community has promoted China as the “next fashion capital” on a par with New York, Paris, London and Milan.This current situation is seriously undermining that “next fashion capital” reputation.

Unless we can restore the trust and reputation of the Chinese market by securing proper visas and work permits, while monitoring local agencies to ensure the safety of our young models, our united Worldwide community will be unable to support sending models to China.This will be damaging to the Chinese fashion industry, designers, local brands, international brands, local modeling agencies and supporting businesses, such as photographers, hair stylists, makeup artists and creative companies.

We as a Worldwide Association respectfully seek an urgent resolution that will be mutually beneficial and effective for many years to come.

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  • RIP china totally forgot to say 20 pieces yuan for the agency , and 10 pieces of yuan for a man who holed term , ie in general 165tys rubles. Special fools if you do not pay taxes to the state and work hiding their income , then the penalty is inevitable as inevitable prison, backwardation , and the prohibition of entry into the country for 10 + years and in any European country, then you will not be allowed and will stand mark in the passport ) I'm not talking about laws and engaging in prostitution .

    So it's all dedicate duram who want to go to jail before the time for illegal work and activities in a foreign country , and though models worldwide equate to prostitution , and I would even say it is worse than prostitution , an international human trafficking and in this case such sanctions towards people acquitted. All your modeling agency derzhut you for lohushek and naive fools , I would even say the bases simpler model agency itself made ​​these girls and they organized the fake casting , in order to do the cleaning in their ranks ..... If you are running on a tourist visa then you are not a model and not entitled to it ..... Yes , under any circumstances , you generally do not have the right to work as a model because it is not legal in the world ), and then you lose not only your reputation, you lose everything in life . I would say more , many model agencies threw off their responsibility and left to their girls , hung them all that was, when they were beeches, Comp , this is proof + to this many girls stood on the side of the authorities and handed over their own girlfriends , I not talking about what possibly could find the girls , it could be drugs or anything else .... Karoche this crash for those girls who got there is an end to all life and career in the modeling industry .... Remember that what you do in the normal world of sound anywhere in any corner of the planet is not considered work .... work is considered only the fact where you make payments to the state tax and pay a fee to the state , and another thing you simply will not allow anyone to work in a foreign country )

    All these girls are not just likely to be deported , for the whole of Europe and China, they will be deported upon forever. Under any circumstances, I 'm not talking about an expired visa which can be ... For them it is as stipulated penalties. Those girls who are now in jail I repeat them in the trash merged own modeling agency. No no compensation for them certainly will not pay , even though the contract .

    There is also information that the girl friend of mine , went to Beijing as a model purportedly from modeling agency without a contract on his own , and now she will get out of this situation is unclear. Ie her modeling agency where she allegedly had figured refused to bear for her or what responsibility and deducted from all the ....

    Women not simply substituted their substituting their own modeling agency .... so do not need anyone to remove debris and leave only those who work for a normal visa. Kinda cleaning people.

    So that ordinary people do nehuy of big money. Well where we do not have .

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