Get Mega Man 9 ported to an NES cartridge

Capcom recently created Mega Man 9, which is a Mega Man game made to look and play as though it were on of the original 5 8-bit Mega Man games, specifically Mega Man 2, the most successful one of them. This game, however, was designed and released for virutal consoles/virtual arcades only (i.e. XBL, Wii Virtual Console, etc.), meaning that the nostalgic gamers that cling to their NES (i.e. me) won't be able to experience this, which is something that a general majority of these people on the Internet (i.e. me) find unfair. I personally loved MM1-5, and I couldn't spend what seems an ungodly amount of money considering how poor I am to buy one of those consoles. In summary, sign this petition if you want to experience modern nostalgia.


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    Molly K., United States

    6 years ago Comments: This would be amazing.
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    Gerald Brian Holtz Jr., United States

    6 years ago Comments: Because you have a fantastic body, walrusguyalt.
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    Tank, United States

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