The people versus The Mississauga Transit

Fran Lucianiwrote: I am a victum of transit abuse. I was in a Mississauga Transit vehicle 2 years ago, It was a very snowy day and the bus driver thought he was driving in the Molson Indy's 500 speed race or something. I got up to press for my stop and this asshole slams on the brakes so hard just so he could make my stop on time . I eneded up flying off my feet, and going my body weight times the g-forse into the plexy glass. Needless to say , I am perminently damaged. Mississauga Transit on the other hand have taken it upon themselves to diregard my case and treat me like a goof who was just born yesterday.they are fighting me tooth and nail only so that they can flee from the responsibility that had been bestowed on them from the day of my accident on the bus. I was just comeing home from work one day 10 day's to Christmas Time. This bus driver had ruined my life. All my dreams and goals for the future is now a dream whisping away each day. They are refuseing me my rights to heal, they are refusing me loss of pay, they are refuseing me housekeeping and the whole chibam. Not too mention I had recently seen this driver who ruined my life still working for the Mississauga Transit Commistion. Like add salt to the wound or what. My petition is about PERSONAL PUBLIC SAFTEY. Meaning everyone and anyone who uses the same roads that This bus company does.I am starting this petition because I want to get as many signitures or e-mail comments on my link that I have just posted , to be able to make this awarness to Our Mayor, mayor Hazel. I need comments on what dangers people on or off the bus have endured and what they need to change about their drivers skills( like getting a real licsence) and behaving like people who are to be responsible for public saftey of all who enter the bus and drive around them. I have seen way too many occations where and old lady with a cane and old man or a child fall on the bus because of the disregard they take to people boarding the bus. when they should be waiting for everyone to sit before proceeding to move.i need your comments, please if you have a heart, leave it on my windows live link, one voice can not be heard, but 1000 voices can. People like my self will never be able to work again as I know of 4 other cases who are sueing the Mississauga transit for the same reason.Please let me create this change for everyone's sake. I can only do this with your comment. Thank you all


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    Anna Hrsinjak, Canada

    3 years ago Comments: I also had an incident with a crazy bus driver. On March 16th at 3:40pm I was taking the 35 West from Dixie to Guildwood Way. I was sitting on the back bench trying to fix my keys. The driver was driving recklessly; speeding then braking really hard. At one point on the trip she braked so hard I went flying off my seat and sustained some serious injuries. I filed a report with Mi Way and then submitted a claim with the city to compensate me for my medical treatment etc.. Because I didn't get anyone's name and number as witnesses. They basically said it was my word against hers and as of yet have not approved my claim. If anyone remembers seeing the incident and wishes to come forth please contact me at By the way I was wearing a big green cowboy hat with sequins and feathers for a St. Patric's day celebrating at my work. We should not allow the reckless drivers to get away with it. Thank you
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