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Georgia Senator Zell Miller has publicly endorsed President George W Bush for re-election. His action goes against the fundamental values of the Democratic Party and is disloyal to the Democrats of Georgia who have supported him for over 30 years. As proud Democrats, we request that voters across Georgia and the nation join us in asking the Party to publicly censure Senator Miller, remove him as a super-delegate and rescind his voting privileges at the state and national conventions. We also recommend that Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle remove Senator Miller from all legislative committees. Finally, we would like the Democratic Leadership to ask Senator Miller to work within the Democratic Party in helping influence change and to refrain from further dividing the Democratic Party. At a time when our country is facing significant challenges, rubber-stamping endorsements hardly serves the intent of democracy, inhibits proper dialogue and oversight, and discourages non-partisan consensus building. This petition will be delivered to Senator Miller and the Democratic Leadership both nationally and in the state of Georgia.


This petition is sponsored by a group of voters who are greatly disappointed with our dear Senator\'s action, wish he would reconsider his decision, and will warmly welcome our friend into the party to voice an opinion for change.


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    Marie Bisano, United States

    8 years ago State: CA
    Country: US
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    Pat Evans-Rudnicki, United States

    10 years ago State: GA
    Country: US
    Comments: I have written Senator Miller on several times. He is bringing shame and disgrace to Georgia and the Democratic Party. He made a terrible statement this morning on MEET THE PRESS. In response to action by the Chatman County Democratic Party, his response was
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    Carina Rock, United States

    11 years ago State: GA
    Country: US
    Comments: The decision to endorse this President whose whole record has been an utter failure defies logic. That this decision was made at the very start of the primary races shows that there was no consideration given to the candidates of the party that has supported Mr. Miller for the length of his career. But to come out now and speak in support of this failure of a President is a betrayal not only to Democrats in Georgia, but to all patriots of this great nation.
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