Gates and Buffet should fund Mi &Fl primaries

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet should fund new primaries in Michigan and Florida. For the Democratic Party to have a chance in November it must be united. This has been a spirited campaign with passions running high. For millions of voters in Michigan and Florida they have been disenfranchised through no fault of their own. Without their votes there will always be questions about who is the "will of the people". The combined wealth of these two men is about $90 billion. The primaries each cost $15-30 million. A donation of $30-60 million would be the equivalent of someone worth $90,000 donating $30-60. The next President will more greatly effect a larger number of people than any of the charities these men support. A $30-60 million investment is very cost effective!


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    Patricia Tupponce, United States

    7 years ago
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    leigh marchese, United States

    7 years ago Comments: Every vote should be counted, every voice should be heard. I will never forget the Supreme Court in Fla. having their say, (bush) for President. This time let the people speak................. Don't ever give up Hillary, When I have a bad day, I think of you and all the sacrifices you've made because you believe in a BETTER America. Keep going girl, we're all behind you. A lot of the Obamah supporters are first time voters, they think he's a rock start; "Hello" we are voting for President of the United States of America. Send the kids to a concert on the day of election, I don't need a rock star, I need someone to give me hope that food will be on the table, that I can receive health care for my family, that my husbands job is secure. Every day that nothing is done to solve these problems more and more Americans are losing their homes, jobs, health care and their dignity. Frankly I'm scared. In my heart I know Hillary will be the only President to start to repair what's been eight years of "hell". Don't drop the ball now, we're counting on you! Thanks for being so loyal and caring for the citizens of our country. Leigh Marchese
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    M. Joan Martin, United States

    7 years ago Comments: Please.
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