No Changes to MyFortunesBuilder PayPlan

Dear Lloyd Kim (MyFortunesBuilder Administration),

We, as the members of MFB, are petitioning to stop the forth coming changes to the MyFortunesBuilder Compensation Plan.
We as a whole believe that the 4x4 matrix is fine the way it is. We do NOT agree with proposed changes by you and the MFB administration. The proposed changes will not be beneficial to new marketers who do not have much marketing experience. The current 4x4 matrix plan is ideal for the average user and that being said the 4x4 matrix is one of the reasons why we love MFB.

Cons of the New "Enhanced" Plan
1. Expanding the levels will make the matrix BIGGER. 90% of the people, who joined, signed up because the matrix was a 4x4 matrix which was evidently small and VERY easy to fill.
2. Giving members the option to send spill over or not shows favoritism and allows one to be greedy. The current system you have in place automatically causes spillover.
3. Any big change like this will cause people to lose faith in the future of this company
4. People who do not have much experience marketing will make NO money as they will NEVER have any spill over.

1. If you do expand the matrix, members should only be allowed to expand their matrix AFTER they have filled their matrix with 340 members. At that point they will be allowed to start a new leg on their first level.



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    Tona Crocker, United States

    2 years ago Comments: -
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    Glen Todd, United States

    2 years ago Comments: You are committing "online suicide" by changing the compensation plan. I've been involved in this industry a LONG TIME AND I can assure you that I've seen many businesses do the exact same thing and they ALL have fallen by the wayside. You have a great program here, so why do you feel it's necessary to change it?!?! MFB will NOT survive this. I can assure you!!!
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    Christa Cyphers, United States

    2 years ago Comments: If changes are made, I will not continue to be a part of a company that lacks integrity. Do the right thing and keep it how it is, you will thank us all later.
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