Petition to have the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection on Xbox 360

With the likes of Metal Gear 1 and 2 on the MSX and NES, Metal Gear Solid on PC and a remake on Gamecube, MGS2 on the original Xbox,the HD Collection and Metal Gear Rising on Xbox 360, as well as MGSV on its way to the 360, Metal Gear Solid has never been exclusively PS3. The Legacy Collection offers almost every title Metal Gear has to offer including MGS4. It's clear that Konami wants non-PS3 players to experience the franchise but excluding them from the fourth and possibly most important entry since it ties up the majority of the story does many Metal Gear fans a disservice as well as Konami shooting themselves in the foot by offering an incomplete story. It is recognized that MGS4 is a technically impressive and as it is, unlikely to work with the 360, but with cutscene image compression and multiple discs (swapping discs honestly takes less time than the install times for each chapter) MGS4 could and should be included in a collection for Xbox 360.


  • Patrick Harte MGS is my favourite game ever i know all the story and lore from metal gear to metal gear soild and all the way up to metal gear soild 5 but i havent experienced MGS 4 ive seen a walkthrough and all but it saddens me that ill never be able to play it on my xbox and im not gonna buy a ps3 just for that even if its my favourite childhood game/series

  • Theo On veut mgs on xbox !!

  • Theo On veut mgs on xbox !!

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