Support for Metab Yasin

This petition is to demonstrate support for Metab Yasin, a former teacher at the Nottingham Emmanuel School. 

The people signing this petition believe that Mr Yasin should NOT be given a custodial sentence.

He tried to support a former student as she was experiencing problems at home with her mother. She read too much into this support and tried to make a pass at Mr Yasin. He rejected her advances and in turn, she retaliated by saying she would get him back. Humiliated by the rejection, she embarked on a journey to ruin Mr Yasin's life. She accused him of having a relationship with her whilst at school.

Metab Yasin has now been convicted on 5 counts of sexual activity whilst in a position of trust and has also been acquitted on 4 counts of sexual intercourse with a minor. The jury unanimously found Mr Yasin both innocent and guilty BASED ON THE SAME EVIDENCE; her word against Mr Yasin’s, a highly respected pastoral leader. The ‘smoke without fire’ principle adopted by the prosecution based their case against Mr Yasin on associations made with the claimant AFTER she left school due to her ongoing problems at home with her mother. 


A support group set up on Facebook called Metab Yasin - Miscarriage of Justice.!/group.php?gid=114020158642275&ref=mf

A website outlining the same details as that on the Facebook page. However, this page is also accessible to those who do not have a Facebook acocunt.
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    hassan ramadan, United Kingdom

    1 year ago Comments: isnt it funny how its only asian's sticking up for one of there own?? i went to the nottingham Emanuel school finishing in 2008 and these offences seem total IN caractor for metab yasin, he was always a bully of the week and a groomer of the helpless, i hope he rots in jail for the rest of days, the streets would be a safer place. One word for Metab Yasin - PEDEPHILE! End of story
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    Curtis Perry, United Kingdom

    3 years ago Comments: He was a great teacher with great discipline. And no, this isn't a colgate advert.
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    Will Cowne, United Kingdom

    3 years ago Comments: He is a completely innocent man. I love him.
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