Attention Blizzard, Merge Our Servers!

Dear Blizzard, It has come to the attention of many World of Warcraft players that there is a severe problem within the community. Since the release of The Burning Crusade expansion pack, many of the lower populated servers have experienced a large drop in their populations. This creates problems that include, but are not limited to: Auction House Inflation, lack of world pvp, difficulty finding groups, and difficulty finding guild members. In order to mend this growing problem, the World of Warcraft Community submits to you that there be a merging of servers. Some realms that have been affected by the drop in their population and have shown tremendous support for this idea include: Blood Furnace, Haomarush, Lethon, Malorne, The Forgotten Coast, Ysondre, Vashj and many more. Many of the existing members of these realms are unnable to afford the normal cross-realm transfer fee and or are unable to part with their respective communities and guilds. Attached is a petition showing the support this movement has gained. Please do not ignore this problem Blizzard! Merge Our Servers!


WoW community- LoL


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    JOhn Wills, United States

    2 years ago Comments: Please Blizzard, too many servers are dying, we nee to have our servers combined
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    chad, United States

    2 years ago Comments: -
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    Brent Reavis, United States

    2 years ago Comments: Exodar US is with this movement.
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