Petition for Meg Count on New English Neo Geo releases

Dear Playmore, We are the consumers of the English market for Neo Geo games. We wish that you would grant us one simple request. We would like you to add the meg count on all new Neo Geo games releases. We supported SNK for many years and they always provided a meg count on the Neo Geo game inserts. These meg counts have become a tradition in all Neo Geo games up to this point. When you took over after SNK went under you removed the meg count from the game inserts. Thus the tradition of showing the meg counts was broken. It is an important part of the overall look to the cartridges and we would like you to bring them back. I believe that since we are the ones who will purchase the home carts that our request should be met. Since the meg counts were removed, many Neo Geo consumers have voiced their discontent. I hope that you will give us this one simple request. We plan to support you as long as you produce Neo Geo games but we would appreciate it if you would show us this courtesy of bringing the meg counts back. Thank you for your time.


The Neo Geo English speaking consumers support this cause for Meg Counts on new English releases.


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    tiimvqya tiimvqya, United States

    7 years ago State: DC
    Country: LV
    Comments: -
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    Saddam Hussein, United States

    9 years ago Country: IQ
    Comments: I very much would like to see meg counts. I have many megabits of anthrax hidden in my closet--where the dastardly swede will not find it! Oh, uh...I gotta go now. Something just came up.
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    Greg Nye, United States

    12 years ago State: MN
    Country: US
    Comments: As a salute to both SNK and its fans, not to mention video game history, please include Meg counts on all future releases. The Neo Geo has been a consistent force driving gaming for over 10 years; Help preserve that though the integrity of Meg counts.
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