MEA Allow Pupils To Bring Own Coats & Bags!

Anyone who attends Mea, or have a child, relative that attends MEA, or you think that this rule is ridiculous and you feel it should be erased then please sign this petition. Our 'academy' doesnt allow us to bring our on coats or bags into school which to be honest is pathetic, bringing your own personal items into school doesnt not affect your learning, so what is the problem Our school coats 'MEA' provided us with are thin,take a too long to dry & arent practical, so if we wear our MEA coat to school what our we supposed to wear out of school, hardly anyone seems to be buying rain coats,winter coats etc because they are usually bought for school and its a waste of money if you cant wear it for school, so our parents should have to spend double the ammount of money they would on a coat for the whole year because our school doesnt allow us to wear our coats in school, so if we go out & we dont have a rain coat we could catch the flu, take a day off school then school would complain about our attendance. No teachers offer us support so us students took it among ourselves to do something about it. Our 'Academy' constanly goes on about how our school is 'preparing students for the world of work' & our uniform is a pilot type for the boys & air hostes for the girls, how many bussiness work places, are told they cant bring there own coats or bags into work & are told they cant take there blazer off with out asking for permission. Im sick of being told by my teachers 'theres no point', 'waste of time', when it isnt a waste of time, i will pester until our views are taken in to consideration and not just seen as the students being defiant because we dont agree with the 'Academys' views on personal clothing.


Mea Students Parents Relatives Anyone Else


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    Abbieann Robertson, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: I agree. Yes having a different bag and coat can prevent bullying but not to a clear extent. It would be better if we had our own bags, even if they were of a certain colour.. like black. Having MEA school bags is unecessary and costly.
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    Carla Jannine Plowman, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: I think we should the coats and bags are completely shockin from our skool :\
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    Natalie, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: how daft is this, im not sending my daughter there
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