Re-boot Mockingbird Lane

Petition to reboot the remake of the munsters series mockingbird lane


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    Deanna Johnson, United States

    2 years ago Comments: This show was officially passed over by NBC, after only airing the pilot as a Halloween special(FYI).... I feel that NBC is so worried about going under and needing to get "hits" that they are actually ruining their chances of a "hit show" by under-estimating a shows potential. I heard that part of the reason they did not go with this show is because of its "dark" nature since they are a "family company/network". That idea is ludicrous! "DARK" shows are especially "IN"(popular) right now just look at "American Horror Story","American Horror Story:Asylum","Dexter","True Blood", "Walking Dead", and upcoming new series "The Following", the LIST GOES ON AND ON OF MAJOR HIT SHOWS IN RECENT THAT ARE DELICIOUSLY DARK IN NATURE. I don't see what the problem was with this show having a dark basis, it had comedy and loving family values to offset the horror- type aspects, so the show would have been fine for whole families and not just the adults... I am VERY DISAPPOINTED IN NBC FOR NOT EVEN GIVING THIS SHOW A CHANCE! THEY DID NOT EVEN BOTHER ADVERTISING THE PILOT! I had to find out about it thru cox ondemand/ primetime/ NBC, and I saw the show on their list of shows and watched the pilot that way. I NEVER SAW A SINGLE COMMERCIAL FOR IT! They should have advertised the hell out of it, on other networks as well(since I understand they{the network} are having "ratings" issues), and they SHOULD have let it run for AT LEAST a SEASON to give it the opportunity it deserved!!!!!! If anyone else thought the pilot was irresistible, and would love to see it continued with the same creator/director/producer/cast/etc. there are SEVERAL PETITIONS to get the show UP and RUNNING! PLEASE, PLEASE SIGN! LETS MAKE THIS HAPPEN FANS! and
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    Deanna Johnson, United States

    2 years ago Comments: -

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