who hates master bates

This is a petiton for people who hate Jake Bates because he claims that everyone in the world hates certain people and they LOVE him and we're just proving him wrong. Who's with us


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    Kayce Moeller, United States

    7 years ago Comments: WHAT THE FUCK Mkay well this was made like fucking centuries ago.. One, I'm not a whore but yes I can be a bitch when I want to be. And if you have the guts to put that I'm a bitch and WHORE, at least tell me your name. Two, I'm in love with DAX TAYLOR at Argyle and have been now for almost a year and he's the only guy in my life so you can go ahead and shove your little comment up your hairy ass. Three, go ahead and make another petition about me, I realllllly don't care. I already know no one likes me at Argyle, and I could care less because I only like a select few at that school as well and have many more friends at other schools. So go ahead, make another petition. I won't be paying attention to anything anyone says. :)
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    I'm Everyone., United States

    7 years ago Comments: Okay, Jake is a fat pussyfuck who most likley isn't even gay. Or if he is, then true gay people around the world should be affended, he gives them a bad name. Band people blow! haha get it I said blow Like jake bates blows a penis.
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    Jake Bates, United States

    7 years ago Comments: kk.. this ticks me off. 1 i dont smell, ask ne of my friends that steal my cologne.. lol. 2 i dont suck @ marchin.. im not perfect or amazin.. but i dont suck @ it. 3 i dont suck @ tennis.. if champ level is suckin then well heyy evry1 but mary && emily suck.. not sayin im amazin or perfect in that eitha.. just sayin im not awful.. kk but w/e..
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