Ask Etsy to Stop its Discrimination Against Mature Sellers

Etsy is the most popular online handmade venue. It advertises itself as a place to buy and sell all things handmade. When sellers of Mature art and handmade goods signed up, they took a look at Etsy's terms of use and agreed. They built livelihoods off of their businesses and worked hard at it. Etsy has decided to change the way these sellers are viewed on the site. They are slowly filtering them out of the search starting with the treasuries by setting all accounts to opt of out seeing these listings. There is no indication to new and old accounts that they are being filtered out, so knowing to opt in is near impossible. They will be charging these hidden sellers the same fees as those with complete visibility. We, the sellers that have done our best to follow the TOU from the beginning, are asking that Etsy require users to opt in rather than opt out, having the default filter setting such as that mature listings/treasuries are not being automatically filtered out. This will give all users the ability to opt out of having mature listings come up in the results while treating those sellers fairly in terms of visibility. We are paying the same fee and should have the same opportunity to be seen as your other sellers.

We are also asking that, if the opt out filter described above is implemented site wide that the first image restrictions placed on mature listings is lifted so that our visibility within the site is equal to the other sellers paying the same fee that we are. If any further changes are made to the TOU and to the site that will affect views and visibility in any way that Etsy communicate them to its sellers via convo, e-mail, front page notice and a notice upon sign in.

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    Crystal, United States

    3 years ago Comments: -
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    OrionStars, United States

    4 years ago Comments: Artists shouldn't be discriminated against! There's a different between straight up porn and nipples showing, or vulva art etc... shame shame...
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    Joy Ribisi, United States

    5 years ago Comments: My mature item sales have DRASTICALLY gone down sine the start of this filter. Shame on you, Etsy. I want to give you my money!
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