Matt Sandoval for Denver Mayor

you have all heard my opinions.the talking is's what i have to offer:THE TRUTH.
i need 300 signatures to light the fuse.

truth,love and joy.

thank you


  • matt sandoval lester,from the bottom of my heart-THANK YOU.this gives me the opportunity to reveal a few things about the truth.
    what do you get when you tell the truth,all day,everyday,to everyone?
    you get no friends.but the people who stand with you will be your family until your dead.
    as we can clearly see,lester does not like me.lester needs to get a life.
    the truth,as with love,is not always happy and warm and fuzzy.
    sometimes it's painful and cold and is up to us to recognize and appreciate it for what it is.
    lester obviously does not appreciate much.
    i stand with the truth.whether people like it or not.

    next question...

  • Lester Swanson I need to get a life because I don't like you. That makes sense.

    You are delusional. Do you really think the people of Denver will hand their city over to the likes of you? Let's put aside the fact you are a conspiracy nut.

    What have you done for the City of Denver? Did you serve any other office? Have you attended council meetings? Have you volunteered anywhere? Are you well known in your city? Do you have a business there?

    Do you really think you can post a couple of blogs and ask for people at a web site of which 50% are American and even fewer reside in Denver much less the state of Colorado and expect to get anywhere?

    Who cares if people in Europe want you to run for Mayor of Denver? They just think it would be cool having someone who believes in conspiracies like they do as Mayor of a major American City. Perhaps then we can open the secret files revealing the conspiracy of how the Government is working with the alien reptilians to abduct our women and steal their ovaries to make a hybrid race!

    You will never be mayor. You are not qualified or capable of being a dog catcher. Stick to sitting at home in front of your computer being angry there is a black man in the White House.

  • Mike Fish Go for it!

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