Respect Rizwanur - SRK please do not endorse Lux Hosiery products

Rizwanur Rahman was an ordinary individual like you & me. He was hounded post marriage by a State - that cannot provide the basic needs of its population but can engage in terrorism in the name of "development". Rizwanur's fault - he married the daughter of a rich & influential businessman. Rizwanur's miseries began from the day he registered his marriage - everyone was involved in threatening him - the police, politicians, musclemen. Every effort is made to break-up a legally registered marriage because he was an "ordinary person" - he was not "rich & influential". His life ended in a mysterios death. We - the civil society - urge SRK not to endorse a brand owned by his father-in-law who was instrumental in Rizwanur's death. Let us protest - a protest coming from a public figure like SRK would further drive home the point. Can we forget SRK's support (going against all odds) for including Pak cricketers in the IPL? Come let's do it - let's get a 100000 signatures at least and send him. Let's unite. Let's make the world a better place to live in - where our lawful activities would not be challenged illegally by the rich & influential - where there will be no further Rizwanurs - we do not want any more of "state-sponsored terrorist activities". "How many deaths will it take to know that too many people have died". Stop hatred - spread the message of love..... we can do it - "we shall overcome".........



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    Goutam Dass, India

    5 years ago Comments: Let a million candles light up again Let's protest the wrongful acts again We know the fight is always on Rizwanur - you are not alone.
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    Kader, India

    5 years ago Comments: Please do not endorse lux cozi brand
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    Azhar Zahir, India

    5 years ago Comments: -
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