Martin Family Extreme Homemakeover

The Martin family is in need of a bigger home they have adopted 5 children and in the process of adopting 4 more .One child has cerebral palsy and the others have been diagnosed with add,adhd, ocd odd,explosive disorder bipolar etc .The Martin\'s get thru each day even then.We thank they diserve and bigger place . They have an above ground pool put in but it is hard for them to get the child with cerebral palsy in and out as they have to lift her over the sides. The Mom (Cyndie ) does most of the lifting and things around the home as the father is also on disability . I hope you can help the Martin family.We live in Pauline,S.C.We are trying to get on extreme home makeover.



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    Melissa Gardner, United States

    7 years ago Comments: The Martin family really needs a new home...they don't have enough space for the kids they have. They have 8 kids living in a 3 BR home. All of the kids were from the foster care system.
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    mike neary, United States

    7 years ago Comments: please add all these names as they do not have email address so they asked if i would put them in the comments. mike neary jr., lisa neary , douglas neary ,joan visk, larry waerne,mr. belecoti,mrs belecoti, lezza nearyvolpe, jordan volpe, levi james, austin neary, jaun parez, marie parez, joseph frisk,helen frisk, gail gottoquitrez, george gottoquitrez, stephanie brizale, dave brizale, gary wess, bertha wess, lawerence browne, phobe browne, jessica neary, bob stacy, jeffrey sampson, joan sampson, beth anderson,barry anderson, cherrie pointer, cornelia pointer, corrella pointer, carrie pointe, cody pointe ,paul z. pointer ,zeb p. pointer,
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    tere neary, United States

    7 years ago Comments: The Martin's Carl and Cyndie have been taking care of children for many years,always giving hope ,faith an open mind and heart to children of all ages. Never having any of their own children they have given love, guidance ,a safe enviroment,a warm bed,clothing ,shelter and always meet the spiritual settings for all whom enter their doors. Age ,health or reason has never been an issue in making a decision to help, just the ergency and need of the children. At present they have 8 children in the home 2 boys,6 girls,ages 4 to 18. They have ehave adopted 5 children and are in process of adopting the other 4.They have a home that is in unlivable condition so they live in a 3 bedroom double wide mobile home. They are so crowded and the children are growing up without space to be a child growing into a young woman or man. Further one of the girls 12 yrs. old has cerebral palsy and has to sleep in the parents bedroom due to her health problems, breathing, bathing, tube feedings,careing,lifting,diaper changing, etc. which has to be done by the mother as the father has health problems of his own and this child weighs about 100 pounds placing excessive strain and stress on her but she has never complained. They have struggled, made ends meet and have never let down one single child.They attend church regularly and devote their lives to raising these children and helping anyone they can .The other children have special issues with health problems also but none as severe as the Cerebral Palsy child. May God be with you in making your decision the to help this family get an extreme home makeover. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts .
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