Maplestory Gifting System

Dear Nexon, There are many factors that give disadvantages to the Global Players. Perhaps as a different version, changes or differences may be tolerable, but its inequality is getting worse. So the question is, why do we Global Players get less privilege than Korean Players do First of all, Korean Maplestory players have the privilege to buy items in lower price and keep them permanently; If they do not wish to, 30% refund system could be used. We global players buy items almost twice the price, with limited time (3 month) and no refunding system. Currency difference 1 korean dollar is about 0.94 US dollar. Also keep in mind, KMS had maintained that system since it was released, not when it got popular. So, what is GMS\'s reason for changing its system unfairly so much But let\'s say there was a good reason for that. What is more bothering is that we don\'t even get the basic privilege of gifting whenever we wish. KMS players have freedom to gift anyone, anytime and however much. What do we have Required gifting points in order to gift that are only affordable through Nexon Game Cards. So, if someone purchases $200 through internet because Nexon Cards are not available, they do not get the privilege at all Then what would the purpose of giving the ability to gift be Please show concern and appreciation to everyone who support and make this game running. Out of all inequalities that exist in GMS, the least we request for is the ability and privilege to gift freely without limiting them to only to those who have Nexon Game Cards available. If KMS players deserved such privilege, so do we. Please consider this carefully for GMS\'s and supporters\' benefit. Sincerely, The Undersigned




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