Manhunt 2

Petition the BBFC to overturn their draconian decision to deny a rating of the Rockstar Game Manhunt 2. Let's have an 18 rating and decide for ourselves if this game is any good - we're grown ups after all!


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    Justin Doran, United Kingdom

    7 years ago Comments: Being 26 i am old enough to decide if we want to buy a game. I don't need the BBFC to decide that for me.
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    Daniel Sage, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Comments: Let the public decide. I understand that the BBFC are trying to protect children, (with the nature of games falling into the hands of youngsters), but that is down to the parents, not the BBFC. People will blame things on games of this nature (such as the controversy with the original Manhunt game), but the blame lies solely with the person who commited the act (and in the case of underage players, the person who supplied them with the game). The BBFC is not accountable for others' actions as a result of them rating a game. Please, let the adults of this country decide for themselves whether or not to consume this game. Do not deny the intended audience of this game their right to purchase it for their own use. The choice should lie with the consumer, not the BBFC.
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    Ryan J Davis, United States

    8 years ago Comments: What is the rating system if we don't use it Parents need to stop blaming companies for their lake of parental responsibility and to stop trying to deny Adults entertainment that we enjoy.
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