Give us Manhunt 2, You NAZI'S

The BBFC has decided that Manhunt 2 is too violent for the UK adult gaming public. I say that is a crock of sh*t. We as adults have a choice of what we want to play, and because a minority of parents can't be trusted not to by this game for their kids, we as a gaming nation have to suffer. BullSh*t......


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    Ross Fullarton, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Comments: Let my people go!
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    Marcel, Europe

    8 years ago Comments: Wii has parrental control. it is up to parents and resellers to take care if teenager is playing that or not. NOBODY should decide, what an adult is playing in. It is up to them, not some stupid organisation, guardian of purity on earth...
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    Dan, Europe

    8 years ago Comments: Who excactly is the BBFC to decide what can entertain me, what I can watch and what is too much for me Stick to rating games and films, and leave it to individual adults to decide what they want to see and experience.
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