Allow Manhunt 2 for the Nintendo Wii

Nintendo has stated publicly that it will not allow an AO-rated game to be published on its system. This is sheer stupidity. Nintendo created the Wii as a system to lure non-gamers into the video game market, but what allows it now to deny existing gamers the right to play the games they want to play Historically, AO-rated games do not do well, but those are usually sexual games with no real purpose. Manhunt 2, on the other hand, is a game carefully and skillfully created by Rockstar. If Nintendo is concerned about how the game impacts its family-oriented console, it need not worry: most major retailers, such as Walmart, will not carry AO-rated games. So the game IS going to be kept out of the hands of young children who should definitely not be playing this game. But what about gamers that are of legal age to play these games Do we get shoved off to the side Would you let a book be banned from Barnes and Nobles because it was too graphic and violent Most people wouldn't. Would you let a graphic TV show be banned from TV No! Most people would probably consider that censorship, if not a violation of our rights. Why, then, do we allow Nintendo to ban a similarly graphic game Sure, it's Nintendo's console, but we should have a right as customers to be able to play the games we want to play. Sign this petition and show Nintendo that we want Manhunt


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    michael barnes, United States

    8 years ago Comments: If Nintendo doesn't release this game for the wii then I will be forced to sell my wii and go with the competition. I can only take so much of mario and all the kiddy games. Nintendo seems to only care about the younger audience and that is why sony and microsoft continue to sell more and more.........Thankfully I have a ps2 and psp!
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    Jonathan Coit, Canada

    8 years ago
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    Akdul, Mexico

    8 years ago
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