Allow Mama Packs into the UK’s NHS maternity hospitals!

The NHS would like to have Mama Packs…. We know, as each time we call a maternity ward they jump at it. Then a few hours later ‘that’ phonecall comes…. “Sorry, we will have to decline as apparently Bounty are the only packs permitted to be distributed by the NHS”

  • Is it the 70p per pack Bounty give the NHS?
  • Is it the fantastic quality of Bounty samples compared to MP? *sarcasm*
  • Is it the fact Bounty have got the NHS into a contract they can’t back out of?
  • Is it the fact Mama Pack promote home births, breastfeeding and cloth nappies?

What happened to Monopoly / Monopsony laws?
Why are Bounty permitted to carry on this coercive monopoly?

SADLY this also means that no cloth nappies or alternative detergents are permitted into the ‘new Mama zone’ in hospitals as Bounty are contracted to only allow Pampers and Fairy!

Mama packs contain Soap nuts and cloth nappy info! [hopefully one day maybe even a free newborn cloth nappy]
Mama Packs also contain BIODEGRADABLE baby wipes… Another product denied to Mama’s in the current NHS permitted packs.
We don’t want to remove Bounty from their throne but what we do want is for Mothers & Mothers to be to have a choice…. an ethical choice!
This petition is a call to the powers that be behind the NHS to allow Mama Packs to be handed out in the NHS Maternity sector, be it via hospitals or GP surgeries….


Currently Mama Packs are handed out by Doulas, Midwives, Baby Boutiques, Childrens Centers, Swim Clubs, Lazy Daisy Birthing, NCT and more... Check our website for more details of how to get a pack or how to distribute them!


Mama Packs Website
For further details on the packs and the petition!


  • Robyn Warner Bounty only promote one style of baby product - notably those made by large companies, disposable and packed full of chemicals. Mothers know Pampers exists, what many don't realise is that washable nappies have moved on from terry squares. Allow women access to information to make their own choice.

  • lucy raw Give women an ethical choice!!!! And allow cloth nappies in hospitals

  • Anonymous I would have much preferred this sort of pack to the Bounty one. Whatever happened to the freedom of choice?
    I've had 5 babies now and each time the visit from the Bounty lady was horrid, especially the photographers :(
    Luckily with number 5 the maternity ward was shut down to visitors due to Norovirus. No overbearing woman waking me and my hours old baby to wave a bag of junk I don't want under my nose or to take photo's that I neither needed or wanted!

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