The removal of Playerworld Administrator Malinko.

Malinko has shown corrupt actions in the past, though unprovable alot of people, if not everyone, knows about his past. Malinko has been caught by lyndzey among other globals in attempting to steal the Oasis playerworld from its owner. For confirmation you may go to playerworld Oasis or if you know the owner ask him yourself. What not alot of people know is he illegaly DID steal a playerworld in classic development without instructions from his superiors he came in and fired the owner and fired anyone who opposed him. What are a playerworlds staff to do in the face of a globals power and the admin panel Ask yourself. Are you prepared to let such a person in your world I say he is not welcome to any gserver of mine! I ask that he be immediately removed from power and from Babylon administration which he took for himself. globals are now aware of his corruption now but cant do anything without Stefans and Unixmads permission which will need credible witnesses (which we have) histories (which we have) and overwhelming support for his removal. Ask yourself...he stole a gserver for himself... what else is he capable of will your world be next I personally will not, and I repeat will NOT stand for this corruption in graal. any support for this petition is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. I also ask that you don\'t welcome him to ur world if you want I recommend saying \"well i want a different member of PWA here plz\" its easy you can just ask bjorn or several other graal officials to help you with whatever you need.


the order of the unseen illumined, a secret society within graal of influential people and oldbies that are dedicated to the advancement of graal, is the group responsible for asking justice be served upon this corrupt official. This group is responsible for bringing Graal Radio and will be responsible for more acts of generosity to graal i nthe future. i am the public face of this movement and if i get banned you will know who did it and why. do not be silenced by corruption!


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    Aleksandr Shapiro, United States

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    Knight Hates Malinko, United States

    7 years ago Comments: Malinko is the essence of fag. No one likes him but pre-teen girls. I'm not even lieing, look at his friends. They're all pre-teen girls. He's a douchebag who lies a lot and globals won't take action against this "Madamlinko"
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    Graal Playa Keribinkle, Canada

    7 years ago State: MO
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    Comments: "Sagar" aka "Malinko" is a fkn twat that desrves his emo pants ripped off and have a watermelon shoved up his brown ass. Seriously, hes a stupid ass sand nigger that bans anything in his way.. watch i'll probally get banned for posting this even if it's not graal related.. anyways Malinko is a huge faggot.. seriously stay away from him. And girls he will most likely manipulate you into making nudes for him and he will offer you NPC's.. you don't want that. You will end up like Kari and suffer some epic graal humiliation. P.S Malinko, thanks for the release of Kari's cow boobies.
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