Class action suit against pet food manufactures

This is a petition to get a class action lawsuit started against ALL the pet food manufacturer's that have poisoned and/or killed our beloved pets (children). Not only have we lost our beloved "children", to add insult to injury.....our Vet bills are in the $1,000's of dollars! These pet food manufacturer's should NOT be allowed to get away with this.....murdering of our "babies"!!


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    Roxanne Malara, Canada

    6 years ago Comments: I had two Siamese cats who ate special Kitty both died! After spending thousands of dollars in Vet Bills they were both put down just a few weeks apart. Two years later I am still heartbroken
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    Donna Boyd, United States

    7 years ago Comments: My love one was just fine , love his Iams well i feed him as always one can a day and hard food though out the day, well after him eatting the first day he was just so lovable and then the second day he ate and then he was sick took him to the vet, said he blocked and give me some thing to give him and we went home and continue to eat his Iam food for a week and had to take him back to the vet. and they had to keep my love one for week and it cost me $700.00 ouch!! But i pay it it was so hard to do because i make minmize wage had to ask friends and family for help, so any way i feed him for 3 more day and then hear about the pet food that was tampered with and found out that Iams was on that list of bad food i was shocked i thought that was a great line of food, well guess what I had 2 four pack of the ones that they recalled, sad part of it i feed him 7 cans!! i was so pissed off about it, I called the Iams company and guess what they did for my love one , Send me 6 coupons for more food , that just broke my heart, I thought they was so high on the list for the best around, that why they are so high in price, they didn't even say sorry cool heart, i try diffrent food but my love one only wanted Iams, i feel they could of often to help in anyway, just took my name and address and give my coupon what a joke!! i like for them to pay me the 700.00 back. that would heel my heart . I know things happen but time to pay the pipers. thank you for the pettion . we anmial lover have to stick together, I'm also so sorry for the ones the lost they love ones My heart go out to you's.
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    Brianne McDaniel, United States

    8 years ago Comments: hey all this stuff about these animals is disguisting did you know that they even use the animals callors in the animals food and even in hot dogs and some food that humans eat too... its gross and horrible it needs to stop if you feel sympathy for these animals then check out become a vegetarian or a vegan so this cruelty can stop! you wouldnt like it if it was you that this happens to soo... rally bout it! ~*~Brianne~*~
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