Make Skateboarding Legal In Petaluma

Skateboarding should be legal in Petaluma California between the hours of 8am to 9pm. Skateboarding should not be illegal inside Petaluma city boarders. There should be a waiver that you need to sign at city hall stating that if you are skateboarding and are injured you may not sue the city or business you are in front of. The times of 8am to 9pm are there because there are apartments in the downtown area above public businesses and people who are sleeping shouldn't have to be disturbed so this would be a curfew for skateboarding. If you are skateboarding out front of a business and asked to leave by an employer then you must leave, if you don't leave that is when it is alright to call the police and have the skateboarder ticketed. In the streets of Petaluma you should be allowed to skate freely in the bike lane as a mode of transportation. You might think about other peoples safety, well if a skateboarder runs into someone that is the skateboarders fault and he/she will be held responsible, but if maybe runs into skateboarder then it is the pedestrians fault, it should be all about awareness, because when someone is driving you should be aware of the other people driving and if someone crashes into you then that is there fault not yours. Also people who can't skate then have to use cars which releases exhaust damaging the o-zone, so by allowing skateboarding your actually helping the environment. Plus if you skate then your buying skateboards and lots of new shoes because your shoes keep wearing down so your supporting local skateboard shops helping the economy. Skateboarding is also helpful for people who don't have enough money to pays hundreds of dollars on a bike or be able to pay for gas all of the time. Skateboarding is a way of exercise and stay in shape instead of being antisocial at home. My goal is to have all of those no skateboarding signs removed. So please sign and make skateboarding legal.



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