Force AOL to honor its Terms of Service

AOL's terms of service has repeatedly ignored certain posters on message boards who are routinely reported for making posts that are against AOL's Terms of Service. Join me in asking AOL to enforce its own rules against posters such as "Dita" in her many names. Posters who regularly violate AOL's Terms of Service should be held to account. Tell AOL that saying "Fuck You" to another poster is the same as saying "Fuck you" to AOL's rules.


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    Angie, United States

    8 years ago
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    Kim, United States

    8 years ago Comments: Web boards like EOnline do not allow posters to say FU to one another and they have an exponential number of posts than the AOL entertainment boards. In a time when Don Imus can be fired for a racist comment, AOL should be ashamed of letting posters get by with derogatory comments about race, sexual orientation, religion, etc.
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    Robert Lowe, United States

    8 years ago Comments: I'd like to propose that once a Screen Name is TOSd; all screen names from that account are 'frozen' to prevent the person from abusing the privilege of accessing the myriad of AOL Discussion Boards. You'd be surprised at how folks will create a number of screen names on one or more computers toward wreaking their havoc. Regardless of how much (or little), they claim to pay for their AOL service; these abusive posters need to be put on notice, and I'm sure the major internet providers can unite to do something to subdue them - or force them onto privately funded forums where they can speak as they please.

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