Make Used Console Games Beneficial for Game Companies

As a person who wants to be an advocate for improving the video game industry and making things better for everyone involved gamers, developers and publishers alike. This will likely though, not go over well with many retailers as it calls for some changes that would work against them a bit. My thought is that this would help reduce day one DLC, possibly lower the prices of new games, and definitely earn more money for devs and pubs. These are just a few thoughts that I've have and think would work fairly decently if applied properly. It is only my intention to inspire thought, and I hope that gamers would be willing to support this.

The first thing I would like to suggest, game developers and publishers initiate their own used game buy back policies. This way they can resell the used game and make money off of it directly from the consumer. It isn't very apparent to everyone that devs and pubs do lose out on money made through used game purchases. Retailers are usually the ones who get the cash deposited into their accounts. If you want game developers to make good games and publishers to release those games, this is what needs to be done. This also makes games stay affordable for those who can't purchase new.

It would also be a good idea in my eyes that devs and pubs give incentives to purchase/sell used games from/to them. Ubisoft's Uplay service would be a good place to start. Whenever you buy or sell directly from them, then you would get points added to your account which would help you unlock things in their games. It's just a thought, not perfect as I'm not in any place to say how their service works or runs. But the basic idea is that it would serve to give both the consumer and the gaming companies what they both want.

Places like Gamestop and Game get a lot of revenue from the used gaming market. And they should still be able to sell used games. But they should also be required to give a portion of their used game sells to the publishers and developers of said games. And I mean this strictly for retailers, not people who sell directly to other people, as that would be far more difficult to monitor and catalog. And I also am for them giving an equivalent percentage to companies that they would get if the game is purchased new. Though that may be a bit much seeing as retailers wouldn't be able to give the same perks as devs or pubs with the sell of a used game. Though they have other selling methods which have appeal, which I'm sure they would continue to use and possibly even expand. But there has to be some sort of agreement made that would make this possible, but it won't happen if gamers don't voice themselves together on it. Though this I wouldn't put too much stock in as it isn't likely to happen.

I'm not sure how many people sit with me on this, but I do think that the people who make the games and give them to us should be given something for when their games are sold used by retailers. Look at the coming situation with the Xbox ONE and the way things are with it that so many people disagree with. These things are happening because developers and publishers can't get enough of the money that they need in order to fully maintain, and that gets hacked into by the used games market. The way that it is at current isn't friendly to them, and in turn, what Microsoft is doing isn't very friendly to the gamers who want it. If we can create the needed shift, then we may be able to put a stop to those things. As my petition against Microsoft's plans will stand, so will this petition as well. And I ask that any gamer who reads this please comment with their own suggestion that I may add it in. I will also cite the person who suggested it. And again, I ask that this be done not out of malice or hatred towards retailers, but with the love of gaming we commonly share.


Andre Ratchford Gamer Does vlogs on youtube under GVGINU Writes video game articles

Links - A video about my thoughts on how to handle used games. - The video by TotalBiscuit that kind of explains why I have created this petition.


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