Make Sonic Adventure 3!

For YEARS, we have wanted this game to be released. And we want it now! Also, we would really like it on the Wii U, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 systems (and Nintendo 3DS if you can). Also, we would love to have an awesome Chao Garden feature in the game. Please give us, your loyal fans, what we want SEGA!

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TailsChannel (Matt)
SonicsChannel (Mykle)



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    James Last

    6 days ago Comments: OMG!!!! This needs to hapen. This could be the game where the Freedom Fighters finally make their debut in a main Sonic game as main characters! Amy could find other things to do than chase Sonic around, and we could even see Sonally in the games! Return of the Chao Garden! Different playable characters! Supreme 3D gameplay. And, maybe even a backstory of Sonic! SEGA!!! We NEED THIS GAME! And, Matt and Mykle, you guys have been making me happy with all of your Youtube Channels, laughing at Mario react to trailers, and of course, Sonic The Human! Thank you for creating this petition, and I hope our mission finally pays off with the PERFECT SONIC GAME that even Sonic 2-ers will love and praise!
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    2 weeks ago Comments: This game must happen!
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