Make RSPS legal! [Bring Ikov back]

Dear Jagex,

recently you decided to shutdown the RSPS ikov.

We all know that it is ilegal to host a RSPS

But why?

The RSPS Community is almost as big as the Community

If you shutdown one Server there will be 2 new ones up the next day.

So why fight against it?

Maybe just take a monthly fee from the RSPS Hosts and make Hosting a RSPS legal

The RS Community and The RSPS Community shouldnt fight each other

We all love this one game that Jagex Ltd created

So please Jagex make Hosting a RSPS legal...u cant fight us

My YouTube for any questions:


  • ray please make rsps's legal. its stupid to say that they were using there ltds when runescape hasnt looked like ikov since 07. its isnt our fault that they ruined their own game. and we should not be punished in that sense seeing as how we are only playing the game we once loved and had a ton of fun playing. by making ikov shut down all you did is ruin our experience with jagex even further and hurt us personally. i am completely hurt about the whole situation and believe soulsplit/torva was involved. i dont care what any1 has to say because if you bring all the pieces of the puzzle together it seems very likely they were working together to make sure soulsplit/torva wasnt taken down. i hope david makes a new server with the same source codes because i will be the first or one of the first players to play. sincerely - rays legend

  • deuces Put so many hours in Ikov, almost cried when I read David's letter

  • Alar Sign by me

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