Make FusionFall Open Source

I made this petition to get Cartoon Network to make (the now dead[?]) FusionFall. When Cartoon Network shut down FusionFall, that made a HUGE fan base mad. All those FF fans are saying that they want FF to come back online, but I don't think that Cartoon Network will bring it back up now that they have FusionFall Heros. What I think would be better is getting Cartoon Network to release the final version of the original FusionFall as open source so that we can make, private servers and play the game that we all loved, once again.



  • Leo Linden I think they should give us the source!

  • Nicholas Rosati I believe that CN should release the source code for FusionFall because if they originally shutdown the game because they weren't making enough money off of it, then if they let the community run they're own servers, they wouldn't have to worry. CN would still want money for something that they owned and operated, why not have a 'official servers' section that are more reliable, faster and generally better then the community servers but have certain things that you'd need to pay for. I'm sure people would pay for that just because they know that that particular server won't go offline with his/her player data on it. Also, CN would get a massive crowd off they're tail if they released the source code.

  • Kiya Worthingotn Please bring back this awesome game this game was always so addictive and without it i feel as if theirs a hole in my heart that cant be filed so please bring it this game is 100x better than than the new fusionfall heroes game by the way and im pretty sure like me other fans of the game are just as heartbroken as me that it's gone this game, adventure time, and the new powerpuff special were the only things that kept me from abandoning CN And now that this game is gone i only have 3 or 4 things to look forward to that actually reminded me of the CN Spirt and joy that i use to feel 4 years ago so please bring it back.

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