Make "Beautiful Darkness" Movie Happen!

So, Beautiful Creatures did not do very well in the Box Office for it's opening weekend. Many people are afraid that this will hinder the chance of a sequel to the movie, which would be based on the second book in The Caster Chronicles, Beautiful Darkness, by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. By signing this petition, and getting enough signatures, it may help to sway the decision of those involved in green-lighting the second movie. It would be very much appreciated if you would sign! thank you so so so much.



  • Rita Resca I love the books and the film of Beautiful Creatures, please continue this saga!

  • brenda I really loved the movie beautiful creatures although i never read the books but it would definitely be the next big thing in comparison to the twilight series. i enjoyed watching , the love and the passion for each other in the movie and it really kept viewers wondering towards the ending. AWESOME ! 10/10

  • Erica Cruz I really loved the movie And all the books if a sequel comes out it will bring in more money then the first.

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    just now Comments: i really fell in love with the first movie "Beautiful Creatures" and i strongly believe that is looking so bad for its sequel.
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    Rebecca Williams

    1 hour ago Comments: okay, so Beautiful Creatures was changed considerably from the book, but the movie was still a very good movie in it's own right. It wasn't changed to the exception that it can not be changed to start folioing the original story line of the books, with a little bit of work and explanation it could really work, or it could just stand alone and follow on from the film, either way I say bring on Beautiful Darkness
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    chloe lawis

    2 hours ago Comments: Bring on beautiful darkness!!!!!
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