Make Aggravated Animal Cruelty a Class Five Felony

We demand that law makers inrease aggravated animal cruelty to a minimum of a class 5 felony! Aggravated animal cruelty is currently a class six felony in the state of Colorado, meaning at the end of the day the maximum prison sentence is only eighteen months in prison! The reason this is unacceptable is because the nature of the crime is a precursor to far worse things. Keeping the people who willingly torture, mutilate and abuse animals for their pleasure off the street is a way to help prevent them from escalating to humans. Also I would like to see a heavy pyschological evaluation on people that commit these particular crimes.


  • Pamela Hubbard Animals should have rights too!

  • Jay Prison is actually too good for these cretins!

  • Carol Andrews Class 5 Felony and can never own a dog or cat or any Animal again

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    Virginia Carter

    2 weeks ago Comments: Please keep in mind that these are the signs of serial killers.
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    sarah mccullagh

    2 months ago Comments: -
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    Missy Morgan

    3 months ago Comments: Why is this NOT a class five felony already??
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