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Hello, I hope all is well personally and professionally. Sometimes one has to take a stand, if not, you could fall for anything. Today, I am taking a stand for the rights of the mentally ill, and in particular, actress Maia Campbell. A video of actress Maia Campbell has been recently circulating the Internet. In this video it is obvious that Ms. Campbell is suffering from a mental illness and (possibly) some substance addiction issues. Also, in this video she is being exploited and victimized by men who do not appear to have her best interest at heart. As a mental health professional, I was alarmed by this footage and felt compelled to respond. So I contacted several of the websites that had posted this video and asked them to take it down, citing that they were violating her rights and contributing to her exploitation and victimization. To view my request, please go to and click on the "Taking a Stand for Actress Maia Campbell" link. The video is still posted, so I am reaching out to my family, friends, peers, and online community for your help and support in this cause. I am no legal expert, but it is clearly wrong for this woman to be treated in this way. Also, Ms. Campbell is not what one would call an A list celebrity (to some), but her work is very well known and respected in the urban community. She is also a mother. Additionally, her mother was the late-famed author Bebe Moore Campbell. Before her passing Bebe Moore Campbell wrote a book entitled 72 Hour Hold, in which many believe was written with her daughter Maia in mind. Many who are mentally ill often do not have a voice. It takes others to speak up and out for them and their cause. Something has to be done for Ms. Campbell. I recognize that she has to be a willing part of any potential help, treatment and rehabilitative process, but we can start by not contributing to any further exploitation, victimization, and humiliation that she and her loved ones may be experiencing. If you agree with this request please sign and forward this petition. Also, please contact the websites with the video posted and respectfully request that they remove it from their site. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. Professionally, Nakeyshaey M. Allen, MS, MSW, LCSW, CLC, CTD The Hip-Hop Therapist - The REAL Talk Coach Bringing the Arts of Hip-Hop and Therapy Together for Real Talk, Real Listening, and Real Solutions from the Streets to the Suites! Addressing Life Issues, Struggles, and Circumstances with a Hip-Hop Style, Flava, Attitude, and Point of View!


While feeling misunderstood and abandoned, in 1992, Nakeyshaey learned that our society has an overwhelming tendency to blame youth for its social ills and problems. Determined to overcome her own trials as an emancipated foster youth and adolescent single parent, she vowed that throughout her life that she would actively advocate for youth, youth culture, and people of color. Today, Nakeyshaey M. Allen, MS, MSW, LCSW, CLC, CTD is affectionately known as the Hip-Hop Therapist - The REAL Talk Coach. She is also a national clinical social work consultant, social therapist, educator, published author, trainer, life coach, and the Founder and CEO of the Hip-Hop Therapy Foundation and REAL Talk Enterprises. Both entities serve the community by raising awareness for youth and people of color in disenfranchised communities.


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