Magic: the Gathering Coffee Table Book

Magic: the Gathering is a visually beautiful collectible card game. The worlds that the game takes place upon, planes, have hundreds of depictions that create an utterly unique immersive experience. One past Magic art book has been created with one small collection in a comic book as well. Lizz Baldwin edited that 1998 book and fifteen years later, that book has skyrocketed to over $50 for 122 pages of beautiful art! We can honor the last fifteen years and utilize art assets for an introduction to Magic in every home, on every living room table. But we cannot get a book printed unless we, as the player base, unite to ask that one be made. Without people signing up to say "yes, I would like this," no future art compilation book will be created.

Please sign this petition and tell Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro, Inc. that you want a NEW Magic coffee table book.

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  • Jack Gorman Can't get enough of the landscapes and architecture.

  • carlos quesada I love Magic's art, and so do many people! this will sell well!

  • Anonymous This has been a long overdue project. Launch it, I'll buy it.

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