Macaroni Pies at Easter Road, the fans are heard.

We, the undersingned, are sick of being burnt by hot cheese while trying to eat pizza and being knocked about in the East Stand. We, the undersigned, wish for a bigger selection at the snack van. We, the undersigned, do not understand why mediocre, substandard stadia like Rugby Park and Tannadice have items such as the ones we are requesting, and we don't. We, the undersigned, are asking for the great Scottish delicacy, the famous snack, the quick and easy pie which is unlikely to give you food poisoning unlike its steaky cousin.... We, the undersigned, wish for macaroni pies. Some of us are vegetarians. Some not. But all of us want a bigger selection than meat or pizza. It is incredibly difficult to eat a hot slice of pizza after half-time when the game's getting started tends to result in a nasty case of "cheese-chin", a bright red burnt strip of skin going right down the middle of the chin, when you've taken a bite and all the topping has come off in a oner and smacked you in the face. The task is made more difficult by the volume of people coming back to their seats, and generally knocking you around. So! Now, eventually, the East Stand fans are heard. Give us macaroni pies please. If anything, even if you don't care about our tastes and welfares and needs and wants and unrewarded loyalties and the like, even if you don't see why you should pander to a group of fans who choose to stand in the coldest, most crowded, wettest, noisiest and most boisterous stand possible, those who are there rain and shine, snow and hail, winter, summer, autumn and spring... It'll shut us up at least. Hear us. Please. Bring us the pies, and we shall be content.


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    Stuart Frew, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Comments: Equality for the macaroni! A the risk of sounding a ponce I'd rather like a decent cup of coffee at the stadium too. (I do enjoy my bovril though)
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    Paul Hartley, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Comments: Pies No chcnce! Youse are gettin nae pies!! Ye'll eat yer slice ay pizza an ye'll fuckin well like it! Hmfft!
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    kirsty, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Comments: get loki her pies
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