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This is a petition by the players of Mabinogi for Nexon to make the following changes to its game and premium shop. 1: Instead of needing services to maintain Spirit/Ego Weapons, amend this so that they are free for everyone, paid service users AND free service users alike. 2: Change the prices of Basic Cards in the Premium shop to either 5,000NX or, at the LEAST, 7,000NX. These changes are both very fair and reasonable. Making Spirit Weapons free to use for all players would bring more attention to the game, drawing in more potential customers who may have been previous reluctant to join. A number of players that I, myself, have questioned about this or have asked to come and play Mabinogi, have told me that they refuse to play the game because of how they must pay money for some of the more simpler features. One of the things that DID get their attention were, in fact, the Spirit Weapons. But upon hearing that you needed paid service to acquire/maintain them, they immediately lost interest. While Paladin and Dark Knight are still for paid service users only, having Spirit Weapons free would be a cheap means to draw in more players to the game, in turn bringing in more profit for Nexon in the long run. The idea would be to get people to "start" playing the game, then let the MMO natural addiction take its course with them. Eventually, they will desire to rebirth and become Paladins/Dark Knights. In addition to this, changing the price of Basic Cards in the Premium Shop would also lend to this strategy. 5,000NX is ideal, of course, as players would look upon this as being not so expensive as the prior 7,900NX price. This would also give them money leftover for a pet (As most of the people I know use Nexon Game Cards. A 10 dollar card would give them enough for one Basic Card and 5 dollars leftover for either another Basic Card or a pet). The whole point of this is to sell the pets and rebirths. The idea is that the player is getting more bang for their buck, which results in them being more keen/accepting of spending their hard earned money on the game. Once you get the players in that mindset, you have acquired more customers. Sheer numbers equate to more profit, so by "reducing" the price, you would ACTUALLY be making "MORE" money than you are now.


Crimson Knights


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