Massachusetts: Supporting Aftermarket Exhausts; Opposing Front Plates

The purpose of this petition is to make our voices heard to our elected officials in an organized and concise manner in regards to the proposed bills supporting the use of single license plates and opposing the ban of aftermarket exhausts.

Support Bill S.1637 – There is no valid reason why motor vehicles should be required to have two license plates. There are older cars that do not have mounting provisions for a front plate. Motorcycles do not have a front plate. Additionally, the fact that there are still green vintage plates in circulation means that the current law applies unequally to residents of Massachusetts. By eliminating the front plate requirement, and asking residents to turn in their unneeded front plates, the state could recycle the unused aluminum plates to produce revenue while also saving money and conserving resources going forward. Supporting this bill will also bring Massachusetts in line with other states that have moved to a single plate requirement.

Oppose Bill H.3149 – This bill is specific to motorcycles, yet mentions all other types of motor vehicles. The bill ignores the fact that aftermarket exhaust systems are designed to improve the efficiency of vehicles without increasing emissions. The bill would deny Massachusetts residents the ability to replace factory exhaust systems with more durable options comprised of corrosion resisting materials including stainless steel and titanium. This is especially relevant in New England during the winter months. Additionally, the bill only supplies law enforcement with a clear standard to enforce for motorcycles, allowing officials to make subjective judgments on whether an aftermarket exhaust system on any other motor vehicle is in violation.





  • Alex I am a very responsible driver with a perfect driving record for eight years. Why can't I have an aftermarket exhaust in this state? I hear motorcycles drive by my house every single day during Spring, Summer, and Fall, and they are so much louder than cars whose drivers get fined for having aftermarket exhausts. It makes me angry that I cannot have an exhaust that is only slightly louder than my current one. I cannot believe this inconsistency in MA law. Why is it legal to install one, but MA cops can fine you for driving with one. My current exhaust pipe is rusted after 6 months. A brand new car. So I need to continue to replace these cheap rusty pipes every year? I should be able to buy stainless steel aftermarket exhaust and drive without being in fear of getting accused of breaking a law.

  • Dan Adorn Support 100%

  • ronald petrie couldnt agree anymore with this.

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